ATM - Get Paid for Your Data

ATM - Get Paid for Your Data

Von Ant Transaction Machines Inc.

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  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2020-10-27
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Earn money from your data with the® app. Our proprietary data monetization tools give everyone the ability to actively and passively earn money! Users build a profile with® by answering questions. We never share or sell this data - we use it to match users with brands and opportunities to earn. Brands will PAY for your attention, and you can EARN more by engaging with brands.® is a free service with no monthly or annual fee for either our web services or mobile app, and helps you earn both active and passive income as dividends (as defined below, Data Dating Dividends, Reward Dividends, and the Colony Data Dividends are collectively referred to as “Dividends”) in numerous ways, without selling your personal information (our limited rights to share your personal information are described in our Privacy Policy). Data Dating® Dividends: One way to earn money with our Services is by matching with a non- profit, company, or brand during “Data Dating®” and opting-in to receive messages through our proprietary web-based or in-app “Data Messenger”, designed to protect your privacy from unwanted third party emails, texts, and phone calls. These Data Dating Dividends are paid to you directly from The companies themselves are not paying you, but instead derives advertising revenue from companies and brands featured in our Data Dating process. A portion of’s advertising revenue is used to pay you for matches accepted by you. Reward Dividends: can pay our users Reward Dividends as incentives for actions leading to earning commissions from Brands. Actions can include placing calls with a minimum duration, receiving a quote, going to 3rd party websites to shop, buy, order services, fill out lead forms, or respond to surveys. If you leave the app through a link in our Data Messenger, it is up to you to decide what information you wish to share with third party brands when calling, shopping, buying, and filling out lead forms. Just know that does not share your personal information with brands. Colony Data Dividends: users can earn passive income through Colony Data Dividends, whereby the aggregate data of our users, potentially millions, can create value for both our colony and medical and/or market research. These anonymized data products do not disclose any personally identifiable information. We will de-identify and aggregate information collected through the Services from our subscribers (or “Colony”) so that this information can no longer be linked by 3rd parties (such as brands) to you or your device. Your Dividends once earned will be credited to your Account. Data Dating Dividends are earned instantly; Reward Dividends may be in a pending state for up to 30 days based on reporting and tracking limitations with 3rd party companies and networks. Colony Dividends will be paid within 30 days of our receipt of the revenue. Once your Account balance is greater than $20.00, you may withdraw cash in excess of the $20.00 minimum account balance reserve. For example, if your account balance is $82.00, you may transfer up to $62.00 to your linked Bank Account. This minimum reserve allows us to pay our users faster and offers the colony protection from fraud. ATM.COM DOES NOT IN ANY WAY WARRANT OR GUARANTEE THE SUCCESS OF ANY ACTION WHICH YOU TAKE IN RELIANCE ON THE INFORMATION PROVIDED AT THIS WEBSITE. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING YOUR BANK ACCOUNT OR YOUR FINANCIAL AFFILIATE PARTNER ACCOUNT HAS SUFFICIENT FUNDS FOR YOUR NEEDS, PURPOSES, OR TRANSACTIONS. WE DO NOT MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES, OR GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND THAT THE SERVICES ARE APPROPRIATE FOR YOU.